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Just a glass of water

Just a glass of water

Many of you will have read about the recent US study showing that drinking water before eating really can help weight loss.

Terry Sissons on her blog The Other Eye suggests it may not catch on because the commercial world could struggle to find a way of making money out of it: The miracle diet nobody will believe.

Ah but there’s homeopathy! Do you remember the ‘mass overdose’ demonstration earlier in the year?

Doubtless global homeopathy has been reeling ever since. Well – here’s an obvious way to put the much maligned industry back on its feet. Pills of nothing much at all – but with a price of course – and with elaborate instructions saying they must be dissolved in at least half a pint of water and the resulting solution must be drunk immediately before every meal.

I’ll leave the learned homeopaths to invent the requisite concoction. It would have to something soluble, inert and non-toxic, and for obvious reasons it would have to contain no calories. Other than that it could probably be anything.

Homeopaths everywhere are free to try out my idea. It could be revolutionary – a homeopathic treatment that actually works! All I ask is a reasonable slice of the profits.

© Chris Lawrence 2010.


Written by Chris Lawrence

2 September 2010 at 9:15 pm

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