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On the side of the angels

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On 1 May 2011 Pope Benedict XVI beatified Pope John Paul II, taking him one step closer to sainthood.

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

This was on the grounds of nun Sister Marie Simon-Pierre’s miracle cure from Parkinson’s disease after she had prayed to the former Pope. Pope John Paul had himself suffered from the disease.

They only need one more miracle. That shouldn’t be difficult. There are over a billion Catholics in the world. Surely a big enough sample to yield a single random inexplicable remission?

The real miracle would be if no ‘miracle’ happened. But that’s by the by.

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who is the subject of an EU-wide travel ban on the grounds of human rights abuses, received special permission to travel to the Vatican (motto: Suffer little children).

Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe I

He so much wanted to join in the festivities. Dogmatic authoritarians need to stick together, as long as their empires are independent.

Mugabe said he found the beatification ‘absolutely heavenly’.

Hard to keep a straight face. But it’s not exactly funny.

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Written by Chris Lawrence

8 May 2011 at 7:48 am

2 Responses

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  1. Just found your blog, and I think it’s this little post that makes me think the most… why wasn’t this reported in the mass media??


    25 January 2012 at 11:51 am

  2. Thank you for saying it, Chris. You have been able to write something about it. I found myself choking on the words – perhaps because it is closer to home.

    But in fairness, although I was raised as a Catholic, I was raised by the same parents to question just about everything. Which is one explanation, I suppose, of how I find myself walking on a road in so many ways similar to yours. The interesting thing is that it is also true for 8 of my 9 sibs. Including the sister with whom I am at the moment having a wonderful visit.

    In other words, the church we thought we were growing up in is not the church that is today giving a cushy retirement to paedophile priests and bishops, visas to the like of Robert Mugabe, and excommunicating priests and nuns who so much as defend the concept of ordaining women.


    8 May 2011 at 3:59 pm

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